The Volunteers

The Group is being set up as a charitable organisation with the named Trustees being Alan Brett, Ian Brammer and Ken Butler.

The whole scheme is run by volunteers, who are giving up their time and expertise for the benefit of the community.

These presently number 14 with additional help being given by members of the community who have particular expertise.

As you can see some members have taken on a double role.


alan brett     Alan Brett         Chairman  e-mail           tel. 576108



ian brammer
    Ian Brammer   Treasurer  e-mail   tel. 426059



ken butler

Ken Butler        Secretary e-mail                tel. 433168



David Hasser David Hasler     Facebook  e-mail                  tel. 01625 572640


The scheme has a booking form accessed through this page and should be used for all bookings.

In the event of a problem or if you prefer then please contact one of the members as above.

As you can see some members have taken on a double role.

The Drivers.

alan brett

Alan Brett

ken butler

Ken Butler

Dick Warren

Dave Wilcox






Paul Riordan

Mike Tyldesley

David Hasler










Jackie Butler

Richard Balment

Rose Tyldesley








Ian Brammer (Treasurer)

Jane Brett (Legal Advice)









Specialist help:

IT/Website     Greig Nicol  Dave Wilcox and John Allen

Facebook        David hasler

Legal Advice   Jane Brett


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